Bethel Worship Center is a multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-interest church of people that are rapidly growing and sharing in the love of God. Our desire is to fall more in love with Jesus Christ. We invite you to join our community and come grow with us at Bethel Worship Center. When you worship with us, you will feel the presence and anointing of Christ in an awesome way.  

About Us


Bethel Worship Center is a rapidly growing New Testament Church founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

We are a covenant community of believers in Jesus Christ dedicated to unselfish service to God and to one another.
We are a multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-interest church. Our church is based upon the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ! We are committed to the reconciliation of all races and cultures into one community; The Body of Christ!
We are a church that welcomes and supports the richly cultural, racial and diverse community of Grant County. It is our desire that everyone, regardless of origin, ethnic background, or language will feel at home in Bethel Worship Center.
We believe that diversity and unity demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ and represent His eternal kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. When you worship with us you will feel the presence and anointing of Christ in an awesome way.
Our worship services may include congregational singing, prayer, and testimonies about God's love and power.
We also believe in the Gifts of the Spirit and that they are still operating in the Church today. If these things are new to you, you will observe some of them in action, just like they did in Acts! They are entirely scriptural and serve to edify the assembly. The reason many people are unfamiliar with this type of worship is that they are unfamiliar with the Bible. Below we have listed several examples of charismatic worship and their appropriate scriptual references.


Clapping Hands Psa. 47:1  
Raising Hands  Psa. 134:2; 141:2
Joyous Singing Psa. 98:1; 100:1; 95:1
Testimonies  Psa. 107:1,2  
Dancing Unto the Lord 

Ex. 15:21; Psa. 149:3  

Singing in the Spirit   I Cor. 14:15  
Praying in the Spirit   I Cor. 14:2,4; Jude 20 
Prophecy I Cor. 14:24; Rom. 12:6
Prayer For the Sick James 5:14,15
Laying On of Hands Acts 8:17; 13:3




Bethel Worship Center- Marion IN
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