Bethel Worship Center is a multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-interest church of people that are rapidly growing and sharing in the love of God. Our desire is to fall more in love with Jesus Christ. We invite you to join our community and come grow with us at Bethel Worship Center. When you worship with us, you will feel the presence and anointing of Christ in an awesome way.  

About Us

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Bethel Worship Center Pastoral Staff.


The Pastors

Senior Pastors Michael & Robbi Henson

/files/My Sample Gallery/IMG_1128.jpg  Pastor Mike Henson comes from a family of ministers. He was born in Pontiac, Michigan, where his father was a long time minister and his mother a great preacher. He developed his ministry at a very early age. He has been serving in the ministry for over 40 years taking the gospel in the US and several countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico, Africa, among others. Pastor Henson has been married to his wife, Roberta for 37 years, has 2 children, Michael Jr. and Tasha, and 6 grandchildren. Both his children work in the ministry together with their parents. In 1991, Pastor Henson became Senior Pastor of Bethel Worship Center.












    Senior Associate Pastor

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Gary & Sharon Dalton

Associate Pastors Worship & Creative Art

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Steve & Shelly Sapp

Associate Pastors - Youth Ministries
Nathan & Natasha Dalton

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Associate Pastors -Director of Discipleship Home
Todd & Miriam Dalton

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Celebrate Recovery Director
Michael Jr & Tania Henson

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 Prison Ministry Assistant Directors
Adam & Amy Binkerd
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Pastoral Care Associate Pastors

Lucas & Renee Binkerd

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Associate Pastors - Spanish Ministry
Misael & Roberta Garcia
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